Welcome on the website of the first licensed taxi for animals in Warsaw.


 I  am Oskar Pietrow. I have been an animal lover since my childhood, when I was brought up in their company. Now, after many years, I am an animal enthusiast successfully breeding weimaraners  since 2006..I have managed to create Oskar Animal Taxi  using my experience of a breeder and  assistant of the kennel club.

 Being a breeder I am aware of the needs of animals and their owners, and that is why I decided to make their  life easier preparing the top quality offer  meeting all European standards.

Each and every dog owner must have had a situation in which he had to take his pet to a vet, to an exhibition or, simply, for a walk in a forest. Taking  our per in a normal taxi, in a trunk or in our own car not specially adjusted to is very stressful for both an animal and, even more so, for its owner.

We offer Oskar Animal Taxi at your disposal, the car which has been specially prepared to make the travel for animals and owners very comfortable.

We have prepared in our taxi , basing on the Mercedes Vito model, proper places for small and big animals. The car is air conditioned, with non-slip floor, equipped with approved transporters and specially designed climbing paths for animals who cannot or are afraid of climbing the stairs . The owner will find a special seat just near the cage to reduce the stress of his pet and give the sense of security.

We would like to point to the fact that our taxi has been successfully tested and approved by the local vet authorities.

We are dealing with professional care and transport  in Warsaw, Poland and Europe on the base of the permission number PL1465284 and the driver license number 3/14/14/14. 

We cooperate with  the Polish Kennel Club, the Pet Guard , veterinary clinics, pet hotels and animal beauty salons.

We invite you to use our offer.